Contractor's Legal Service Program - Flat Rate Fee Pricing: 

How It Works


The  Clewell Law Firm offers a unique, highly affordable, and budget-certain  legal service plan for Contractors and Suppliers in Pennsylvania.  For a  set Flat Fee, we provide a complete range of legal services and  representation on issues that confront our construction industry clients  on a regular basis.

​​​​​​When  your Company becomes a Client of the Clewell Law Firm, you will have  Direct and Unlimited Access to the professional legal advice and  representation you require to run your construction business.  You will  have peace of mind knowing that your Construction Lawyer is just a phone  call away, and that All Phone Calls with our Firm, or any other third  party, are Free and Unlimited. We pledge to answer your calls, and if  unavailable, to return your call within one business day.  For urgent  calls, we promise to prioritize your need and respond as quickly as  possible.

​​Although  the Clewell Law Firm delivers the same level of professional legal  services as other local law firms concentrating in the area of  construction law, the Firm is Very Different from typical law firms that  require large up-front retainer fees, charge hundreds of dollars per  hour, and continue to require additional fees throughout the life-cycle  of a case or legal matter.